Transforming Electronic Billing And Payments

At MadfooatCom, we created a next generation, real-time electronic bill presentment and payment (EBPP) solution that enables customers to make payments seamlessly and securely, online or via mobile.

We partner with most banks and billers in Jordan to provide friction-free customer experiences, shortened collection cycles and the industry’s highest level of controls.

Our state of the art platform, called eFAWATEERcom, established in partnership with the Central Bank of Jordan, has processed over 6 million invoices valued at USD 4.3 billion.

Financial institutions, utilities, telecoms, government agencies, non-profits and trade organizations all use our solution. We can accommodate any kind of billing transaction regardless of industry or market.

Find out how we’re unlocking opportunities in the new digital economy for consumers, billers and financial institutions across the region.

MadfooatCom is pioneering financial technology services. We enable wide-ranging clients to reduce costs, collect payments faster and offer their customers convenience, speed and peace of mind.


People want to make payments when and how they want, seamlessly integrating transactions into their busy lives.

Billers can serve customers through their preferred channels while reducing costs, improving cash flow and driving satisfaction.

Our team makes the process easy to implement and maintain, so billers can focus on their core business.


Today, we serve most banks in Jordan and we’re on the move across the region.

Why? Our integrated solutions keep pace with growing institutions. The region’s most experienced financial services team is poised to serve any bank, large or small.

Our flexible solution has the robust integration features to meet customers’ evolving needs.


In the digital age, government agencies face similar challenges as private sector organizations — gaining productivity and satisfying channel preferences in real time.

Our scalable and secure platform, offers unmatched convenience while also managing risk.

We’re accelerating the shift toward making public transactions paperless and by accelerating e-commerce.

MadfooatCom Advantages



Replaces paper bills and payments with user-friendly service experience on the web and mobile to accelerate adoption rates.



Reduces collection cycle times and billing expenses, helping you get paid faster and improve cash flow.



Supports the billing and payment needs of small-, mid-sized and enterprise grade companies. Adaptable to any industry challenges in any market setting. Smart API-enabled solution scales to your growing needs.



Easily integrates with your current customer support program to allow your agents to easily look-up payment profiles, view pending payments and manage payments for customers.



Our acclaimed service team delivers responsive technical and operational support making your receivables process hassle-free so you can focus on your core business.



Meeting the highest industry standards in protecting sensitive information. We’re ISO 27001-certified and use best industry practices in compliance with Automated Clearing House Association (ACHA) and PCI DSS regulations.

Why Clients Come to MadfooatCom

We’re a proven financial technology leader with best-in-class EBPP delivered by a team of highly dedicated payments professionals. We enable clients of all sizes and categories to replace paper statements and payments with seamless digital alternatives that customers now demand.


More than a technology provider, we are a full service business partner handling all aspects of electronic billing and payments. We’re committed to the continuous innovation and improvement of our products and services.

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What Clients Gain

Convenience – Enabling customers to view and pay bills seamlessly, safely and quickly when and how they choose.

Cost savings – Cut out billing costs of the printing, collating and mailing process while reducing payment cycles and improving cash flow.

Unmatched service – Our dedicated team helps organizations harness the power of EBPP to make their business more productive and profitable.

February 17, 2018

MadfooatCom’s Nasser Saleh On Bringing E-Payments To A Cash-Based Economy

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February 13, 2018

Top FinTech Startups in MENA: MadfooatCom ranked 7th regionally — Top EBPP company in MENA and top FinTech firm in Jordan

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February 13, 2018

The IMF’s Christine Lagarde praises MadfooatCom’s platform, eFawateerCom, as an Arab region innovation exemplar

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MENA and beyond...

MadfooatCom is the MENA region most trusted name in electronic billing and payments, and now we're on the move.

Wherever your business is based, your customers want to make payments when and how they choose.  Through our innovative solutions and expertise, we’re driving the adoption of seamless digital billing and payments to meet evolving needs and expectations in new markets. Now, you can partner with one of the most accomplished financial technology services teams anywhere.

How to benefit

We would like to thank MadfooatCom for e-payments Company for their esteemed participation in the Queen Rania National Entrepreneurship Competition (QRNEC), and they were one of our best winners in 2012. We would like also to express our great impression about their offered technology services which aims to spread the e-Payments culture.

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