MadfooatCom Platform will serve banks through utilizing their electronic channels such as Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, ATM, IVR and Call Centers to provide EBPP services.

By joining Madfooatcom ;Banks will benefit the following:

  • Single point of contact: Banks need to connect to MadfooatCom only once and it will be able to connect to all current and future billers.
  • Time and cost saving: Eliminating the development and connection headaches to different systems with different requirements of each biller.
  • Automated Bank Biller Reconciliation: No More Headache of manual operations.
  • Payment Notification: Madfooatcom will notify billers when payment is executed by the bank in order to provide better service to the customer.
  • Improve Cash Flow: Eliminating losing checks, and reducing billing and payments processing expenses.
  • Improve Customer Service: Enable customers to view and pay their bills anytime and anywhere with no need to visit providers’ offices which saves time and cost.
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