eFAWATEETcom is integrated with 92% of the banks in Jordan allowing customers to use available banks electronic channels such as Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, ATM, IVR and Call Centers to pay over 250 types of bills electronically.

By connecting to this service, banks will benefit from the following:

  • Single point of contact: banks need to connect to eFAWATEERcom only once and it will be automatically connected to all current and future billers.
  •  Time and cost saving: eliminating the development and connection hassles to different systems with different requirements for each biller.
  • Automated bank and biller reconciliation: No more issues of manual operations.
  • Payment notification: eFAWATEERcom will send automatic payment notifications to banks and billers to provide better and real time service to the customer.
  • Improve cash flow: eliminating losing checks, and reducing billing and payments processing expenses.
  • Improve customer service: enable customers to view and pay their bills anytime and anywhere with no need to visit providers’ offices which saves time and cost.