EFAWATEERcom is connected to more than 85 billers providing more than 250 services. This will increase payment collections, reduce branch queuing, and ensure automatic quick funds transactions into the billers’ accounts using banking systems.

By connecting to this service, billers will benefit from the following:

  • Single point of contact: billers need to connect to eFAWATEERcom only once and it will be automatically connected to all current and future banks.
  • Cash efficiency: cash flow acceleration and financing efficiency.
  • Automated bank and biller reconciliation: no more issues of manual operations.
  • Reduce billing cost: by removing paper, printing, mailing and manual processing; your operating costs can be reduced by 60 to 80%.
  • Support and reporting: we offer a range of reports to give you an overall view of the system and to allow more efficient utilization of resources, these include end of day/period reporting, per channel reporting, and error detection.
  • Improve customer service: immediate processing automation, 24/7 payment-processing, and payment flexibility creates a smoother customer relationship.
  • Payment notification: we notify billers’ customers (optional upon biller selection) when payment is due and when payment is paid in order to provide better service to the customer.