MadfooatCom’s electronic bill presentment and payment (EBPP) solution eliminates manual billing and associated costs while providing your customers the seamless and secure payment channels that they increasingly prefer. Our application program interface (API) enables you to leverage the Middle East’s leading EBPP engine.

Our platform, eFAWATEERcom, streamlines the billing and collection process for businesses and consumers alike. It runs on a scalable, microservices-based architecture that accommodates billers, banks and payment service providers. The system uses RTGS (Real Time Gross and Settlement System) to enable real time settlements that can be configured to handle multiple sessions.

The solution supports both Pull and Push modes of billing inquiry. In the Pull mode, customers can inquire about a bill that resides on the biller’s servers, and in the Push mode, customers are notified and can inquire about a statement that the biller has uploaded to eFawateerCom servers. The biller can also configure the system to enable customers to pay bills in full, partially or in advance.


Replaces paper bills and payments with user-friendly service experience on the web and mobile to accelerate adoption rates.

Reduces collection cycle times and billing expenses, helping you get paid faster and improve cash flow.

Supports the billing and payment needs of small-, mid-sized and enterprise grade companies. Adaptable to any industry challenges in any market setting. Smart API-enabled solution scales to your growing needs.

Easily integrates with your current customer support program to allow your agents to easily look-up payment profiles, view pending payments and manage payments for customers.

Our acclaimed service team delivers responsive technical and operational support making your receivables process hassle-free so you can focus on your core business.

We meet the highest industry standards in protecting sensitive information. The solution is ISO 27001-certified and uses best industry practices to maintain compliance with Automated Clearing House Association (ACHA) and PCI DSS regulations.